Hi, my name is Logan Cordani and I’m seventeen years old.   I really love shoes but hate keeping them all clean.  After talking to my friends I found they too also wanted to keep their shoes looking new but in an easy and affordable way. So after many trials and errors, my dad Peter and I came up with a simple yet easy solution for keeping my shoes bright and looking like new.  We call it - Logan's Wipe Magic.

It all started when I was nine at a neighborhood basketball court. There was a kid who had the coolest pair of sneakers I had ever seen in my life (remember, nine can seem like a long time to a kid).  I bugged my dad like crazy until I got a pair just like that kids’ and then wore them everyday until they started yellowing.   Everything I tried to keep them clean with all sorts of products but failed, and soon, my shoes looked dingy just like everyone else's. I was bummed but had not yet given up hope so I decided to try and make mine own solution.

The result was truly magical - thus the origin of the name.

Soon, people in my area were talking all about some ten year old kid cleaning peoples shoes with something called Logan's Wipe Magic and that kid was me!  From sneaker conventions to flea markets to department stores; I was on a mission to help everyone keep their shoes looking new for a really long time.  My dad thought I was crazy and I guess he was right - I’m crazy about keeping shoes clean and I hope you are too!

Now that a few years have passed, I’ve grown my shoe cleaning dream into a regional business that is now at the tipping point of going national so I need your help to try my product and get your feedback. 

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